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At Grand Cayman University you are not just a number. We care about you and your success. That's why we call it Distance Education with a difference!
These days there are many online training and education options. Some better than others, and many just not worth the web graphics that present their case to you as a student.
We are different 100% of our instructors and professors have real World experience. Since 90% of what you learn is on the job training in your career, what you need are the best company trainers money can buy. These are the men and ladies who actively do the work that you want to learn to do.
Take the time to view Grand Cayman University's many courses and find the perfect fit for you.

Our trainers have worked for many of the Fortune 100 list of companies. They have spent years as corporate trainers, managers, HR professionals, and many more leadership positions.

Our top trainer has published over 28 books authoring training and professional improvement to the World for over 25 years.

We also have established instructors in the fields of Fitness, & Martial Arts, we also have top career trainers in real World jobs like Call Center Management and Supervision, and much more.
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Other schools require expensive on-site training, with no other learning options for people with real jobs, and real lives. We understand life can be a challenge and learning does not have to be.





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We offer Real WorldTraining / Proven Learning Methods

We offer better training for less

If you are going to invest in yourself you want to make sure the training you get will provide you the knowledge you need to succeed.

Grand Cayman University offers the very best certification programs that are accepted Worldwide. We provide certifications in fields that matter and that are hiring for workers now. If your certification will not help you get ahead , we will not offer it.

We are commited to provide the training you need to start a new career, advance in your current role, or learn something you have wanted to know your entire life.
Grand Cayman University offers better training for less than the competition. We offer training that is 80% less expensive than virtually any other online provider.

G.C.U. also offers multiple learning formats to meet your needs. We offer Video Training, Audio Seminars, White Board, Live Instructor, as well as complete text books for free. (In digital format)

We are proud to have a 97% graduation rate to date. Which is one of the highest success rates of any educational institution. We offer a Distance Education with a difference. That difference is caring, and real World experience.
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Take some time and view our courses now, you will find training that you can not find anywhere else.
We also offer full mentor access for less than any other online resource available.

Grand Cayman University offers training online for less