Grand Cayman University offers training online for less

Courses by department

Grand Cayman University offers certifications and certificate programs in many cutting-edge fields. Also, all of our programs come complete with career coaching, resume writing, and personal development training for free. We may charge less than other educational organizations, but we do not offer less. Grand Cayman University gives you more!

We offer our training programs supported by a faculty of working career professionals, whose primary goal is to see you succeed. We offer distance education with a difference. Meaning that we pass the savings of this training and educational format to you.

As our programs become active, you will find links to the newest offerings. Visit us weekly for content and offering updates.

Remember, of you join us for any certificate program you will automatically gain access to free career training. All of our business and marketing programs come with the training on integrated marketing the most advanced marketing plan available. You can literally market your business better than a major corporation on a shoestring budget.

What is included with every course
Every course we offer comes with access to the training videos, workbooks, textbooks, as well as support documents online. 
You can enjoy this amaizing training on your smartphone, table, or computer.
We also offer ongoing training and support for our courses. When you complete a certification program you receive a ready to print version of your certificate. We also offer upgrades like quality printed certificates, online verification for employers and customers, and additional free training.

For many certificate programs like the Hypnosis program, we also offer continuing educational training in that professional field.

Career Training

Call Center Management

  • Career Coaching
  • Interview Training
  • Resume Writing
  • ​Corporate Advancement
  • Call Center Management & Supervision Certificate
  • Insurance Career Success
  • ​Hospitality Management Certificate
  • ​Customer Service Certification
  • Bartending Certificate​
  • Team Management

At Grand Cayman University, our instructors have the experience you need to learn to succeed. Most jobs can become careers and often pay much more than people from the outside realize. An example of this is Call Center Management and Leadership. With many careers paying well over $100,000 per year. You can work as a leader or even behind the scenes as a process manager. Start your step towards a life of success and start reaping the rewards now.

Business & Marketing
with Technology

  • Self-Publishing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Presentation Production
  • Infographics
  • Voice Over Business
  • Small Business Marketing
  • Using Technology in the workplace
  • Wordpress Development
  • Hypnotherapy Practice
  • Interner Marketng and Website Traffic
  • Online Video Production

Every business owner or leader needs to have certain skills. We all need to understand marketing, sales, customer service, and leadership. With our essential business courses we will help you get the skills to be technically savvy in today's’ business World. If you are business owner or leader, you will get the skills you need to get ahead.

If you obtained an MBA, you still would likely need this information because of the practical, hands on, nature of the content that helps you carry out your business goals. Our marketing instructor has established marketing teams of hundreds and also worked as a successful small business owner for years. Review these topics and as the links become active, the classes will be added. Check back often for new weekly content.

Fitness Courses

  • Fitness Intruction Certificate & Membership
  • ​Martial Arts  Instructor Certification
  • Qi gong Certificate
  • Reiki Mastery 1-3

Fitness is an essential part of a healthy and active life. More than ever people need training and support to help them live a healthy lifestyle. As a trainer, or instructor you help them discover a better person locked inside of themselves. A career in fitness means a commitment to health and wellness that will add vitality and real wealth to your life and the lives of those whom you touch.

Mind & Spirit Studies

  • ​​Hypnosis
  • ​NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programing
  • Advanced Hypnosis
  • ​Hypnosis Trainer
  • ​Professonal Developemental Coaching
  • ​Dealing with stress

Dr. Erickson knew that there was a simple way to help people dramatically improve their lives. Hypnosis offers lasting permanent chance and improvement for hundreds thousands of people every year. You can be a central part of this process As a Hypnotist you will help others make the changes and improvements in their life that they most desire. You also will learn real World skills that can and will help you as well.

You can benefit further from learning how to teach others or by extending your skills with additional education. As part of our continuing support of the hypnotherapy certification, we offer ongoing education to help you keep your certification status while mastering new skills to help your clients.

Grand Cayman University offers training online for less